Our Impact

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Clean and affordable energy access for all

PoaPower Solar Energy enables customers to gain access to clean and affordable solar energy without large upfront costs which often prohibit entire families from the energy ladder.  Instead, we ask our customers to provide a small, refundable deposit of just 500 KSh ($5).

We then install our Home Power Station which lets our customers consume energy on a 'PAYG' basis. Our customers can use and pay for energy in increments as low as 10 KSH ($0.10) and are not locked in to any minimum monthly payments.

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Improved health and well-being

Kerosene lamps are both expensive and dangerous. When burnt the kerosene produces noxious fumes which irritate the eyes and lungs and can lead to lung infections. The use of a kerosene lamp in the home is comparable to smoking two packets of cigarettes a day.  In addition, every year thousands of people also suffer from burns when their homes burn down after lamps catch fire. 

Solar-powered home systems mean entire families can have access to clean, affordable energy whilst ensuring those most typically impacted, mothers and children, are able to live in smoke and smell free homes. Our customers have also reported an improved sense of safety thanks to lighting in their homes.



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Reduced CO₂ emissions

As well as being both expensive and dangerous the toxic fumes emitted from a kerosene lamp are also damaging to the environment. When burnt kerosene releases carbon dioxide and black carbon - the top two greenhouse gases. In fact, over 5 years one kerosene lamp is estimated to burn 5 tonnes of carbon.




Increased study time

Kerosene lamps and candles are renowned for their poor quality light. That's why our aim is always to provide our customers with access to high-quality and affordable, solar-powered lighting solutions. It means people no longer have to live in the dark when the lights go out and that means more study time for their children.

My kids love our new power system. Doing homework in the evening is so much easier. Their school performance has improved
— Mary Wamboi - PoaPower customer
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Decent jobs and economic prosperity

The addition of PoaPower Solar Energy has allowed our customers to keep their businesses open for longer hours, meaning they can earn extra money whilst saving on their energy bills.

At PoaPower our focus is on generating long-term sustainable businesses in the countries we operate. That's why our core business teams are always based on the ground, with PoaPower headquartered in Kenya. 



Take action today...


We believe in the power of community and relationships, and we are always looking to form new partnerships with like-minded organisations.


PoaPower is currently only available in Kenya. If you would like to register your interest in PoaPower Solar Energy please get in touch below.