Our Home Power Station

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Our Home Power Station gives you the ability to access PoaPower Solar Energy and provide your home or business with a modern lighting solution. It is made up of a control box (288WH), 3 bright LED lights and capacitive touch wall switches and a high-capacity PowerPack which stores the energy. It includes FM radio frequency, and a variety of power outlets including 12V and 5V USB as well as 240V AC. Together they provide the flexibility to power a range of home appliances including mobile phones, hair clippers and a TV.

The Home Power Station is integrated with mobile money platform M-Pesa, and once installed it enables the pre-payment of PoaPower energy through the purchase of Energy Credits.

Product Highlights

On-Grid experience, off-grid: 

The high-capacity PowerPack (288 Wh), 240V AC outlet and light and modern capacitive touch wall switch functionality combine to provide high-performing on-grid experience, off-grid.

Risk-free energy access: 

Customers purchase PoaPower Energy, not the equipment installed. This removes any burdensome debt obligations as well as the risk involved in breakages or theft.

easy charging solution: 

The Home Power Station provides you with the ability to power multiple devices including mobile phones, hair clippers and a TV. 

What's in the box?

As standard, the Home Power Station, includes:

  • 1x 50w solar panel
  • 1x control box (288 Wh)
  • 24Ah internal battery
  • 3x Light and capacitive touch wall switches
  • 3x DC power outlets (12v, 5v USB)
  • 1x AC power outlet (230v)
  • FM Radio

All PoaPower products are fitted with tampering protections as standard.  



Since we started using PoaPower, our lives have changed. I never dreamt of having such power at home, here where we live!
— Mzee Ngoiro, PoaPower Customer

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