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Why buy Solar Energy from PoaPower?


No more large up-front fees

We hate large upfront fees that prevent our customers from lighting their homes. That's why we've removed them completely. For a commitment of just 500 KSh ($5) towards your energy usage we will install a Home Power Station and enable PoaPower Energy in your home.

No more fixed monthly payments

We understand the importance of payment flexibility. That's why we enable the purchase of PoaPower Energy on a metered pre-paid or pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis in amounts as small or as irregular as you like, with our lowest payment value just 10 KSh ($0.10).


Simple and affordable mobile money

Our platform has been seamlessly integrated with widespread mobile banking system M-Pesa to enable micro-payment for energy at prices as low as 10 KSh ($0.10), enabling access to solar energy at prices comparable to kerosene or candles

Never pay for replacement parts again

PoaPower sells energy. That means when our equipment needs replacing it's our job to replace it - free of charge. Now, tomorrow and forever. Simply let us know of an issue and one of our installation team will be round to fix it.

How it works


1. Purchase Energy Credits

Energy Credits are purchased via M-Pesa.

2. Receive your Credit Code

Your Energy Credit Code is returned via SMS.

3. Unlock your Energy Credits

Entering the code enables all power outlets (USB 12V and 240V AC).


4. Only pay for the energy you use

Match your energy consumption to your daily needs

5. Receive purchase reminders

Handy SMS reminders ensure the lights don't go out.


Clean and affordable energy for all

Explore the different ways PoaPower is delivering both social and environmental impact.


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We believe in the power of community and relationships, and we are always looking to form new partnerships with like-minded organisations.


PoaPower is currently only available in Kenya. If you would like to register your interest in PoaPower Solar Energy please get in touch below.