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Affordable power beyond the grid
The right to abundant electricity - wherever you live

PoaPower believes that every family has the right to abundant and affordable electricity at home.

No matter where you live, PoaPower provides you and your family with sufficient electricity to run a modern home - even if you live far beyond the grid.

Simply sign up at your nearest PoaPower agent, and that same evening you'll enjoy modern lighting throughout your home and sufficient electricity to charge phones, connect a TV, fan or other ordinary appliance.

  • Beyond the Grid

    80% of Kenyans lack access to electricity

  • School homework

    75% of families have children requiring quality lighting for homework

  • Indoor air pollution

    100% of people using kerosene lamps complain of smoke and risk of fire

Runs all appliances

The PoaPower system is unique: it powers any appliance you might have. Mobile phones, fans, TVs, laptops, lamps, 12v car appliances. Exceptions are very power-hungry appliances like welding machines, irons, water-cookers and fridges.

Our Team

PoaPower was founded by an experienced team of exceptional entrepreneurs. They are supported by a growing team of dedicated professionals.
Andrew Tanswell
Co-Founder & CEO
Adriaan Mol
Co-Founder & CTO


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